Cloud Dreaming — 4 of 6

Jacqueline A. Lott

Release 2

Volume 3 - Unique Commands and Conditions

Crediting is an action applying to nothing. Understand "credits" or "about" as crediting. Instead of crediting, say "Thank you for exploring these daydreams, inspired by my own past. [italic type]Cloud Dreaming [roman type]was written as an introduction to Inform 7 and parser-based story telling for new authors. It is also available as an introduction to Twine and choice-based story telling under the same name, playable at[paragraph break]My sincere thanks to Sam Kabo Ashwell, Katherine Morayati, and Zach Samuels for testing, though any errors or inelegancies of code are my own. Thanks also to Graham Nelson, Emily Short, Chris Klimas, and Anna Anthropy.[paragraph break]Both games were created for a presentation entitled [italic type]If You Can Write, You Can Make Computer Games[roman type], which has been presented at GeekGirlCon and for Nerd Nite Honolulu. [paragraph break]Interested in learning more? You can download Inform 7 at and you can ping the author on Twitter @isquiesque".

A thing can be examined or unexamined. A thing is usually unexamined.

A thing can be re-examined or un-re-examined. A thing is usually unexamined.