ClubFloyd: Rules & Instructions

We're excited to get new people at ClubFloyd, and we hope you'll join us. Before you do, though, it'll be super helpful if you read these basic rules. If they don't make sense, just ask a fellow ClubFloyder.

  • An ifMUD account is required to participate, as Guest accounts cannot join channels, which are necessary for discussing the game during play.

  • Always try to converse with other players during the game on the #ClubFloyd channel. This keeps the transcript clean.

  • Don't give hints or spoilers unless the group has explicitly said it's okay to do so. (If you really can't contain yourself, say it on another channel: #cfspoilers)

  • If we haven't appointed a particular person to be the 'driver' (i.e. a sole person who enters the commands for all of us), then anyone can give commands. You can enter pretty much anything you want in this case, but you should ask the group before you change locations.

  • If the group has designated a 'driver' and you aren't that person, don't enter commands. (The group will often do this for games that rely on precise timing.)

  • Be a team player, don't go rogue, and be nice to others. Don't type commands super fast so that others can't keep up.

  • Never whisper commands to Floyd during games, as that confuses the other players and makes the transcript difficult to follow.

  • If you're trying to get Floyd to tell you what games he has installed, please do whisper that request to him (to avoid spamming the room with long lists of text).

  • This isn't necessarily a rule, just a reminder: we log everything. That nasty thing you said about the author? They'll probably read that later.

You'll also probably find these instructions useful:
  • ClubFloyd takes place in the Clubhouse. The Clubhouse is locked by default these days (unfortunately necessary to prevent disruptions), but we do welcome new people! Drop by around or during a session and message Jacqueline for access. If she's not around that day, type WHERE to see who else is in the ClubFloyd ClubHouse and ask one of them for a pass to get into the room and to add you to the appropriate channels.

  • To enter games commands, direct them to Floyd. You could do this just as you speak to anyone else on the ifMUD (i.e. ..FLOYD LOOK), but you can also just use the syntax F LOOK (or F SING, F X ME, etc.).

  • If a game implies you should press space, type PRESS SPACE.

    If it says press return or enter, type PRESS ENTER.

    Don't direct these commands to Floyd, just type them. We have some little coded gadgets in the Clubhouse that translate those commands for Floyd.

  • We also have a coded auto-saving object in the Clubhouse. It's highly recommended that you use it. Begin by typing CLEAR SAVE to clear out saves from a previous session.

    Each time you want to save the game, type PUSH SAVE and it will tell the game it wants to save and give it a sequential save file name (CF1, CF2, CF3, etc.). This helps keep track of saves without over-writing them on accident.

    To restore your most current save, type PUSH RESTORE. If you want to restore an earlier save, it's a bit more complicated: F RESTORE, then F CF2 (or whichever restore you want).

    If you use the auto-save and decide to postpone your game to come back later, it's a good idea to save your most recent spot with a unique name, because someone could come along in the interim and reset the save counter.

That's pretty much it. If you have suggestions, please use the email in the footer found on this page. We look forward to having you join us!