This is the first one-turn game which actually had an emotional impact in me, which is what I look for in any game (and if I don't find it, because it simply isn't one of those games, I'll gladly take intellectual stimulation, but I much prefer emotional impact). I honestly didn't believe this type of game could deliver this. Now I know better. For all its brevity and its one-trick pony (once you've figured it out, that's pretty much it), this is a game I enjoyed and can heartily reccommend, for players and writers alike.

Peter Pears (Lisbon, Portugal)

Fingertips: I Hear the Wind Blow Is a one turn game, written as part of the twentieth anniversay IF celebration of the You Might Be Giants album Apollo 18... except that it has nothing to do with They Might Be Giants of Apollo 18. I merely used the writing prompt I Hear the Wind Blow and used the provided constraint that it's meant to be a one turn game. You take a turn, then the game ends: but you play it again and again, changing your approach based on what you learned in previous play-throughs, until you figure out what is going on and perhaps even find an ending that you like. I'm fond of this one, and while it doesn't have a ton of ratings, the ratings it has gotten were all three-plus stars on IFDB.

You can download it here, or play it online without even downloading the file here.

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