The dastardly Francophones have stolen the Spirit of Speed-IF; now, our hero must journey to a francophone land in order to retrieve it. Bonus points for including a T'ang dynasty ashtray, a preserved homunculus, phlogiston, an especially fearsome goat, the taste of defeat, and/or 9-dimensional creme brulee.

In Search of Velocitas fictus is a work of SpeedIF. SpeedIFs are intentionally written in a very short period of time; the "rule" used to be that you wrote a SpeedIF in two hours or less, but that is a rule to which few coders actually adhere. This game was written in about seven hours, though honestly most of that time was spent relearning how to code.

This game was written for SpeedIF IntroComp, a SpeedIF that was coordinated to coincide with the weekend of the IntroComp2007 awards ceremony, but which otherwise had nothing whatsoever to do with IntroComp. Basically, the anglophone IF community hadn't done a single SpeedIF in 2007, but then we noticed the francophone IF community held a SpeedIF, and so in good fun we decided to let them inspire us a bit.

One last caveat: I adore the French people, their culture and language, and this was just written in good fun within the constraints given for the SpeedIF.

You can download it here, or play it online without even downloading the file here.

If you're new to interactive fiction, I would recommend a visit to A Beginner's Guide to Playing Interactive Fiction.