Trivia question:
Which is a famous text adventure?

a) Zork
b) Dark Tower
c) ASCII and the Argonauts

Jacqueline says, "Did they make that ASCII and the Argonauts thing up? I've never heard of that, and it sounds scary, but I wouldn't be surprised if it existed."

Gunther | Your search - "ASCII and the Argonauts" - did not match any documents.

Gunther says, "of course, now it has to be written in a speedIF. You have two hours. GO!"

The Invisible Argonaut is a very silly, very (very) quick SpeedIF game. SpeedIF games are written in (supposedly) two hours or less, and fit a given set of constraints by a SpeedIF organizer. I inspired this entire SpeedIF, so I felt it to be my duty to write a game for it.

I think I'll always be fond of this one, and despite it being a hastily written game, I recommend that people play it. You can play it online here. You can download it here.

If you're new to interactive fiction, I would recommend a visit to A Beginner's Guide to Playing Interactive Fiction before you download anything.