This is a collection of written work that I've produced over the years. You'll notice that the tone of these essays vary a great deal; some of that is due merely an improvement in writing style over the years (the early essays often make me shudder), while some of it has to do with the source of the writing: some of these are articles that appeared at the Knoxville News Sentinel's Go Smokies web site, some are stories told on e-zine sites (Strictly Smokies and Mountain Memoirs) that I've maintained, and many are entries from my journal.

If you enjoy some of these, I would encourage you to also look at my photo essays and book reviews. And hey, if you're the sort that enjoys dry academic texts, there's also my master's thesis.

June, 2018VR: Initial Thoughts and Observations
December, 2006Surreality
November, 2006Flying to Glacier Bay
November, 2006[ Poem] Morning Soak
October, 2006An Early Morning Walk
September, 2006Bears Eat Berries
August, 2006Went to Town to Get Supplies
August, 2006Constancy
January, 2005There is no comfortable silence and no silent comfort
August, 2004A weekend at Situk Lake, Tongass NF, Yakutat, Alaska
July, 2004How I Came to Be a Park Ranger
June, 2004Yesterday I Met an Old Man
May, 2004Outdoor Misadventures - A Retrospective
April, 2004Zenlike in my Latte
April, 2004A Conversation on Writing
March, 2004[ Poem] Quiet. Empty.
March, 2004My Favorite Place to Sit
February, 2004Walking in Darkness and Praying in Sunlight
December, 2003Gazing through the Window: Blue and White
November, 2003Winter Arrives, and I Would Rather Be in Bed
November, 2003God in Nature and Sunday Morning Rain
October, 2003A Brief Description of Yakutat, Alaska
October, 2003Incomprehensible Beauty (Yakutat, Alaska)
July, 2003Attending My Frist Tlingit Memorial Potlatch
August, 2003A Blue Dress Sparks a Mix of Memories
June, 2003Encounter With a Hummingbird
June, 2003Canoe trip, Situk River, Yakutat, Alaska
Unknown, 1999Help Protect the Smokies
Unknown, 1999The Smokies Aren't As Crowded As You Might Think
Unknown, 1999Quiet Fall Driving Destinations Abound in the Smokies
Unknown, 1999Be Prepared for Cool Weather Hiking
Unknown, 1999Late Autumn Brings Unpredictable Conditions
Unknown, 1999Tips for visiting America's National Parks
Unknown, 1999Going it Alone: Advice on Hiking Solo
Unknown, 1999Foster a love of the outdoors in your child
August, 1998A Carry-Out on Eagle Creek
March, 1998Predawn Hike to Mt. Sterling Fire Tower
September, 1997An Animal Attack on Hazel Creek