Photo Essay: Market Ghost Tour, Seattle, WA

First posted April 8, 2012

Friday evening I met up with a really lovely supper at The Rendezvous. It's an interesting place. I've been there twice, and while the food was fantastic both times, the ambiance sucked on the first visit and rocked on the second. The only reason I went back the second time was that I had had two Groupons (purchased blindly because the place is to close to our apartment). I'm really glad I had a reason to go back, because it would have been a shame to write the place off. I'll definitely return, and if/when I poke my head in the door I'm greeted with loud music that clashes with their interior design scheme, I'll just come back another night.

After supper we took advantage of another Groupon, this time for the Market Ghost Tour. I'd been to their late evening 'lust' tour, which still talks about ghosts but features a lot more Seattle brothel history, and had found I wanted to come back at some point for the ghost tour, because there's a lot of legit history in such talks. Turns out there's a third tour they do as well that might be fun, where they go inside one of the buildings looking for ghosts, so maybe I'll hit that one as well at some point.

Anyway, if you're interested, I took my camera with me. There aren't any weird orbs of light or interesting anomalies in my photos, but there are some okay shots of the market, Post Alley, the gum wall, etc.

A creepy, gaunt doll made to resemble Dr. Hazard or one of her victims,
complete with a copy of Fasting for the Cure of Disease, sits next to a
wonderful photo from the Market in the offices of the Market Ghost Tour.

This photo and the next few are of the gum wall, located in Post Alley.
Every photo I took of the wall seemed to have a different exposure,
and I'm not sure which of them I prefer. None, perhaps.
It's an interesting place to practice various techniques.

Gum Wall

More Gum Wall

My friend pretending she'll eat some of The Gum Wall

A peace sign made of gum

Neon sign of the Alibi Room, Post Alley.
I've never been there, but heard good things.

These two (the photo above & the one below) are some of the great alley art in Post Alley.

A guide from the Market Ghost Tour spins yarns of the little red headed girl
who haunts the market and befriends living children.

The tour was sunny, but there was a storm brewing over downtown Seattle.
This was taken from Pike & 1st.
Century Square Tower on the left.
The US Bank Centre on the right.

Pike Place Market, early evening, after close.

Another of Pike Place Market.
In the distance you can just make out dusk falling on the Olympic Mountains.

The alley side of 1921 1st Avenue, where you can see evidence
of the period when the building was E.R. Butterworth & Sons, a mortuary.

An alley lamp in the early evening near Mr. D's Greek Deli, Pike Place Market.

A parting shot of Post Alley, after dark.