Essay: Winter Arrives, and I Would Rather Be in Bed

First posted in November, 2003

I would rather be home in bed with a good book and a cat...

...and it will take a great deal of willpower to not go straight to that scenario after work. Then again, I'm an adult and my mother lives in a foreign country (if one can truly consider Canada to be such) and can't come tell me to grow up, so I actually could do that right after work. Something to consider, definitely.

When I went home at lunch, the sun was out, shining through the Sitka spruce and casting shadows in the fog that hung over Ophir Creek. Lovely.

When I returned to work after lunch, the sun was gone, the sky was bleak, and the fog had enveloped the opposite side of the bay, so that it appeared as if I were staring off toward a distant horizon, toward lands unknown and out of sight.

And now the bay is gone completely. The fog grows ever thicker.

There's a beautiful hypnotic quality to watching snow fall in front of evergreens.

Winter has arrived. I want to go home and celebrate quietly.

I want a fireplace. With a roaring wood blaze.

I want a lot of things. Damn. Back to work.