Yoga: The Yoga Area in My Home

First posted in June, 2004

This is the overall space. It's spartan, but it's a start.
It allows for good movement, and has some personal elements.
I got the mat at this site, but they're available through a number of sources.

I would like to transition to a dark green strap and blocks,
with perhaps a green or ivory boulster. At present, I'm simply
using pillows, which is fine, but not quite what I want.

A detail of the plants, lantern, fountain, Zen garden, and box.

The plants are brand new, and I love them, but they need more aesthetically-pleasing pots.

The lantern I purchased a few years ago in San Francisco's Chinatown, waiting for this corner.

The fountain and Zen garden are a wonderful combo I purchased from this site.
The gardenís a bit small, but it's surprisingly soothing.

The box I purchased back home a couple of years ago.
It is an odd leather with leaves somehow imbedded. Not sure how
they did that. At any rate, it contains an eye pillow and spare tea lights.

A detail of the lantern and fountain.
My garden is neatly raked from my session yesterday evening.
It's hard to see, but there's a tiny bit of water flowing,
just enough to make a pleasant sound
upon which to meditate.

And, finally, the lantern, lit, with the shades drawn
(because it's not getting dark here this time of year).