Yoga: Downloadable MP3s for Relaxation

First posted in February, 2005

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How to use these relaxation MP3s

First off, let me say that you donít have to be into yoga to use these audio tracks, and that in fact the tracks make no mention of yoga, but they do contain the opening and closing sequences I use in most of my yoga sessions, so you could use them in conjunction with your yoga practice as well.

There are a few ways to use the tracks.

[ If you don't do yoga ]

[ If you practice yoga ]

If you donít do yoga, here are some suggested ways to program your CD player before you begin, because it wonít work to listen to the entire disc in one sitting:

Try track one by itself while seated comfortably.

Try track three by itself while lying down. (Try it for insomnia, perhaps.)

If you really need some stress relief, and have half an hour or more available, program your CD player as follows:

Tracks one, two, and three.

Then just one of tracks four through nine. Find your favorite or, if none suite you, skip this part.

Then use a combination of tracks ten, eleven, and twelve, depending on how much silence you want, how long you want to be left relaxing. For instance, if you just want thirty seconds, use track ten once. If you want ten minutes, program track twelve into the playlist twice. If you want six minutes, program track eleven and twelve.

Finally, finish with track thirteen. Itíll bring you back from rest so that you can go on about your day.

If you do have an at home yoga practice, try using track one, then hit pause and do whatever sequence of poses you would like to do. When youíre done, listen to track three, then one of tracks four through nine, then use tracks ten, eleven, and twelve for some silence and end with track thirteen. As listed above, it will be necessary to program your track sequence in advance, which you can do with almost any CD player or computer that youíre using to play the CD.



Make a donation or order a CD

If enjoy these tracks and would like to help me reimburse the cost I put into producing them (sound editing software, for instance), I do accept donations via PayPal. In the future, I'd like to save up for a decent microphone and rerecord these, and every little donation will help to that end.

If you'd prefer to have a CD without the hassle of downloading the tracks, I can probably burn a copy and mail it to you, including a printed track list and insert on how best to use the CD (basically, a reproduction of much of what you see on this page). All I ask in return is a donation to cover the cost of the CD, CD mailer, and postage to your part of the world. More if you want, of course; I probably won't turn you down if you want to pay $12.99 for a copy. Then again, if you haven't any money to spare and really need something like this, I can understand that, too - feel free to drop me an e-mail. Just be honest.


Meditation and Relaxation
A Spoken Word CD
by Jacqueline A. Lott

Right click on the file,
then choose the option to save the file to your computer.

1 Opening Meditation 14:0213.56 MB
2 Transition: Seated to Lying Down 00:2000.33 MB
3 Guided Relaxation: Toe to Head 09:5209.54 MB
4 Guided Visualization: A Place 02:5502.82 MB
5 Guided Visualization: Bed of Moss 02:3302.47 MB
6 Guided Visualization: Ocean Beach 02:5702.85 MB
7 Guided Visualization: An Object 02:3802.55 MB
8 Guided Nonvisualization: Third Eye 02:1402.16 MB
9 Guided Nonvisualization: Mantra 01:3901.61 MB
10 Silence (Thirty Seconds) 00:3000.48 MB
11 Silence (One Minute) 01:0000.97 MB
12 Silence (Five Minutes) 05:0004.83 MB
13 Conclusion to Meditation 01:4001.63 MB